Mack L. Snider

My name is Mack and I live here at Sojourners'. I have been here for seven months and from what I see and know it is a safe haven and a blessing for me and anyone who is in need of a temporary home.

Rebecca Rucker

I came to Sojourners' about seven years ago. I had a 10 year old son and very little hope. We were given a warm place to sleep and a safe place to await housing. I also received some tools to help me never be homeless again. I am so grateful for everything. [Rebecca is now the office manager at Sojourners'.]

Mike Anderson

Sojourners' was a real life saver for me, at 60 and homeless for the first time it was the ONLY Shelter in central Idaho I could find. To me it was quite shocking to learn how little help there was outside my own living room until I didn't have one. Sojourners' has made it possible to get back up, brush off and start over, and they helped out in every way they could which has been immeasurable. A thank you from myself and the many guests here at Sojourners' Alliance.

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